Quantum leap exploration

Searching. Exploration & Evaluation
Fractal Dynamic Rendering Technology is a high-precision solution, which identifies the fractal trends of overall flow of information in space and time. For instance satellite images are a source of objective and multi-factor information, it provides a compact integral representation of large information volumes. Processing and updating factual satellite images material on the basis of the FDR Technology principle allows to predict in space and time the fields of geological processes development of various origins and scales. Its Extraction, decryption, interpretation and visualization are the main task of the FDR Technology complex.
This refers to using specialized computer programs, expert preparation and special thematic processing of satellite images on various scales and resolutions (from regional to local) in order to select the necessary geological information, predicting the location of various minerals. In our study's we do not consider any previous obtained data as gravity survey, magnetic survey, geochemical studies. We operate independent to passive seismic or regional seismic reflection surveys . The FDR Technology is a completely self-sufficient and independent exploration methodology.
Green Field
HIGHLIGHTS you must not miss if you want your exploration to go right
Direct detection of natural resources in any structures and formations
Exploration possible without requiring of any additional geological data as a prerequisite
Ultimately lowering the cost structure
Multiple time savings
Highest exploration accuracy
No environmental impact
No social impact
Coverage of full exploration area
Exploration of large areas
Operational Excellence
We at ERANOVA FDR create core differentiators of high strategic and practical value. Schedule your investment on the basis of precise and highly accurate data. Build up an efficient strategy of investment and planning with fundamental and correct data at hand while taking decisions. The Sequence of actions based on the FDR data ensures successful implementation of the project.
Simplify business processes, ensuring that resources are commensurate with activity levels, thereby ultimately lowering the cost structure
Improve capital efficiency by making efficient drilling investments and minimize risks
Standardize common exploration tasks and implement best practice
Have the perfect start with ERANOVA FDR and the FDR Technology. No geological or geophysical data has been gathered. This means you have not spent yet funds for the acquisition of data. We render your area of interest and visualize all it bears from A to Z. Then we design a truly minimal working program covering directly the Hydrocarbon structure for the acquisition of a pragmatic and reasonable seismic program and confirmation of anticipated FDR Technology data.
Offshore & Deep water
Significant Hydrocarbon accumulation are still waiting yet to be discovered offshore. Deepwater is an other challenge which requires exploration data of highest accuracity due to the incurred risk. If you have decided to take this route we are your genuine partner leading you exploration practice to a never seen performance, sorting out uncertainties, avoiding costly surprises.
The classic environment for a less cost exploitation environment . With the decrease of production from existing fields oil we provide you with the right information where to drill and to make right investments decision to make your next commercial discover in a environmental friendly way. Safe cost and time no matter in which formation, structure or play the deposit is hidden. We render them and develop a individual working program.
Matured field
We have the know-how and the the ability to locate missing objects in already producing oil fields and contribute to increase your production of a existing infrastructure. It is a frequent issue that structures have been bypassed even in extensive exploration programs. It is particular impossible to cover by means of a seismic grid the full territory which was under investigation. We change this critical situation enabling you a full scale exploration of the whole licensed area. Growing your performance and productivity.
The FDR technology can identify solid minerals in the same way as oil. The only difference is that no geophysical survey is required. In this way, a license block survey is a two-stage process: pre-drilling space geologic survey, and actual exploration with surface mining works, and C1 reserves estimation. No extra survey is needed. Such an approach significantly shortens exploration time, and reduces costs. The FDR technology gives a relevant, vector rendering of the geology, where ore formations (gold, silver, polymetals, platinum, diamonds, etc.) occupy well-defined positions in a genetic sequence of the inclosing formations.