Exploration intelligence

From zero to performance
. our one of a kind collaborative model

We promote a collaborative model of Fractal Dynamic Rendering Technology and traditional seismic surveys in order to overcome growing risks and costs, difficulties in exploration and characterization of reservoirs in the E&P industry. It allows to solve scientific and concrete problems more efficiently and also enables spending funds as per their intended purpose. Based on the ability to integrate the CPD method in order to confirm FDR Technology data we stick to current market standards still having an access to the FDR Technology without additional seismic works. Frequently, at the stage of drilling operations traditional exploration practices show up to fail to contribute anything to production.

Exclusively tailored exploration
Satellite Intelligence
According to the FDR Technology integrated seismic exploration concept the entire process is as follows. At the first stage a pre-drilling space geologic survey of the area with the FDR Technology is performed. The HC concentration sites are identified, the oil-water contact boundaries are outlined, basic structural parameters and production interval depths are estimated. Thus at this step we already obtained all required information to launch drilling operations.
Seismic Acquisition
If required an optimal seismic acquisition program is developed at the second stage. It covers fully the identified geologic structure sites. It significantly reduces the geophysical exploration efforts, and costs. As well as providing all of its massive add-value for the project which was generated by acquisition of FDR Technology data. The available seismic time sequences are analyzed in the FDR Technology system. The results enable to define possible corrections made to the basic geophysical parameters. FDR Technology results match perfectly seismic exploration results.
From the first well, our exploration intelligence provides you with highly accurate and correct data at hand. We masterly navigate your drilling operations to the most exact locations of hydrocarbon accumulation. We feature quick development and individual tailored solutions. Each exploration project is crafted as a master peace in a perfect algorithm of rational actions. Enabling your drilling operations to perform precisely in making a commercial discovery.
Highest accuracy. Exact solutions
Operate with the short term ability on basis of the FDR Technology data to place a well directly into the central arch - the maximum uplift zone of the hydrocarbon structure.
Production wel
Injection well
Optimal well position
Among on of the most important tasks of any exploration. It is important to choose the most exact position, because this decision will have an impact throughout the whole life cycle of the field. It provide a direct impact on the debit rates and therefore the asset as a whole. Incorrect geological information lead to fatal results or significantly reduce the efficiency of the development. The FDR Technology can solve this problem the most perfect way to accurately determine the borders of oil water boundaries contact.Thus laid the correct conditions for term priority optimal oil recovery from the reservoir and its further maintenance cycle of reservoir development modes.
Time & Value
Traditional exploration practices stretching in time for decades. By implementation of the FDR Technology as a standardized practical valuable model on one hand and individual tailored exploration model on the other you are literally doing a quantum leap in time. Shorten you total exploration cycle to a outstanding performance with chronograph of actions measured in months. Thus the actual reference period of full exploration cycle from completely unstudied area to drilling in a realistic scenario of actions could be under less than one year. Obtain a resistant investment barrier protecting against commodity price volatility contributing through the entire life cycle of your project.
Correction of seismic data
The main disadvantages of the traditional CPD methodology in data interpretation is the expert adjustment which plays а great role in CDP seismic data processing and construction of the wave field. It is associated with kinematic corrections, algorithms of amplitude recovery, spectral transformations, various filtering and other operations. From our point of view, such a number of complex automated operations of initial data processing (seismograms), which are usually carried out without a deep understanding of geological conditions, reduce significantly the self-descriptiveness of time sections. The interpretation of time sections based on FDR Technology system will greatly reduce the incidence of erroneous elements in the automated processing and help obtain more objective information on the geological section structure.

Seismic images may be inadequate not only as to the depth of deposits worth searching for, but also as to the lateral position of structures, their strike, slope of the wings and so on. This occurs when, during data processing, the distorting effect of superincumbent Earth’s crust (its structure and spatial velocity distribution, in particular - the complex behavior of anisotropy speed) is poorly considered. In order to obtain an adequate picture of medium, a range of algorithms (pre-stack migration, taking into account anisotropy) can be used to obtain close to the real seismic image as a result of numerous iterations.

Using the deep structure of medium obtained by the Fractal Dynamic Rendering Technology, the velocity-depth model can be obtained as a result of wave fields modeling. Accordingly, during modeling to set the position of saturated hydrocarbon reservoirs, the resulting parameters can also be integrated into the processing of real data. Thus, the aggregation of the analytical FDR system with the seismic system will significantly increase drilling efficiency due to the close conformity of seismic images with the real deep structure of medium in prospective oil-bearing fields.